On losing things

Fraction 13

Today I have crested the mountain. If this were the space voyage I sometimes pretend it is, I would now be on the homeward leg. But the return trip is supposed to be harder than the way out, so I hope I have the right heat shield in place.

The doctor was happy today with the condition of my skin. Still a 1 on a scale of 1-4. That’s good news! And now there are no more pesky long weekends, so it’s just the weekdays–just 12 more weekdays–and I’m done.

Of course the themes of love and loss are of core importance to me these days. I guess they should always have been, but now they are more than ever. The best piece I’ve read in a while is this New Yorker piece by the brilliant and Pulitzer Prize winning Kathryn Shulz. I was just writing about her (about her book and TED talk) yesterday when Keith sent this piece to me. Stop what you’re doing, grab a box of tissues, and read.


ps Picture today is sunset rather than dawn. Dawns have been grey and not lovely lately. But sunset tonight sparkled.

One thought on “On losing things

  1. Thanks for the link to Kathryn Shulz’s piece….I took your advice (except for the tissues..) – and next time I will remember the tissues too…what a beautiful piece of writing and reflection and sharing..love and healing and joy to you and Michael and your family,

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